why i love pakistan essay


Why I Love Pakistan


My country is very dear to me. It is a land of contrast. We can enjoy four seasons here throughout the year. There are many treasures under its surface. I love my country due to many reasons.

 why i love pakistan essay for 2nd year

Firstly, I love my country because it came into being after uncountable sacrifices. Millions lives were last to gain it. Every inch of its surface is coloured with the blood of our forefathers. I love it more than anything else because it is my birth place.


Secondly, I love my country because it is a land of peace and justice. Here, we are able to breathe freely. We are free to do what is right. We are able to fulfill our desires without any binding. We are able to preach the teachings of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) without any interference.


Thirdly, I love my country because of amazing and elegant places. Its historical buildings attract the foreign tourists very much. Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, sky-touching mountains, land of contrast,  long and small rivers, sparkling canals, deserts, ruins, shrines, etc. are enough to raise its graph of beauty in comity of nation.


Fourthly, I love my country because its people are very daring and hard work. Their sweat looks like pearl because of their honest labour. They don't care for their personal loss. They always try to raise its flag so high. They try to dig its foundation very deep. I like such place where people are honest, just, truthful, pious, genius, brave and polite.

Lastly, I love my country because it was the dream of lqbal. It was our Quaid that turned his dream into reality. I have emotional attachment with it because I eat its food; I drink its water; I breathe in its air; I walk on its land; I was born on its surface and I'll die on its surface. May Allah keep its flag flying! Amin



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